Can I Realistically Fit My Entire Life Into a Suitcase???

Throw it away! Donate it! Pack it up in a box! Ship the box to America! I definitely have to take this to Italy! These are some of the many decisions that I have had to make over the past few weeks in order to get my life in order so that I can prepare myself for my impending journey to Italy and beyond. It has been said by many that moving is one of life’s greatest stress inducers, and I certainly believe that to be the truth.
Clearing out my closet has never been something that I necessarily enjoy doing. I have often referred to myself as a FASHION HYDRA. Whenever I donate one article of clothing, I almost immediately replace it with two new pieces. Well let me tell you something! The amount of clothing that I recently donated has by far been the largest of my life. Of course my first instinct was to hop online and start ordering new things that I have absolutely no need or room for in my suitcase, but for the first time I practiced self-restraint. My goal is to get my entire life into one medium sized suitcase and one backpack. That is all I am allowing myself to travel with, and in order to do that, I must resist the temptation to shop.
I had to start out slowly. Each day I would pick a mix of about 30 clothing items, accessories, and shoes and bag them up. I was throwing these bags in the corner of my room because my excuse was that the donation box was too far away… However, it is quite literally a one minute walk from my apartment, and conveniently it is on my walk to work. My real reason for not immediately discarding these bags was the fact that I knew there were things in there that I still might want to go back in and dig out. I did finally build up the nerve to walk the nine bags of clothes to the donation box, which took multiple trips. On my third and final trip there, a lovely Korean lady, that owns a shop in my neighborhood, ran after me and took the bags that I was carrying off my hands. I figure she realized I was parting with a ton on clothes, and she did not want to miss out on nabbing some of my threads for her family, or perhaps she wanted to resell them. Who knows…
After this initial clear out, things began to move more quickly. Two friends of mine, Shedly and Greg, volunteered, or shall I say Shedly volunteered them both to drop by and help me sort through the remainder of my wardrobe. I was hesitant yet greatful for their assistance. I knew that they would not let me get away with my old tricks of taking stuff out of the donation pile and sneaking them into a box or back into the closet. After a few hours of sorting, piling, folding, and boxing, we managed to pack up three and a half large boxes that I need to ship back to Texas. We also managed to fill another ten bags of clothes to take to the donation box. Needless to say, they did not let me go to the donation box to drop in the clothes. They left me to tape up the boxes, and they dropped off the small mountain of bagged up clothes at the donation box. Boy was I ever appreciative for their assistance in my time of need. I know I would have procrastinated and struggled with every item of clothing without their help.
The day finally came to an end, and my friends took they leave and returned to their homes. I sat on my floor and looked at just how much progress we made in one afternoon. My apartment now looks quite bare. Of course there are still quite a few things that I still need to sort and pack, but the majority of the decluttering and minimization of my life has been completed. Now I am faced with the really tough decisions. What can I literally fit into one suitcase? What can I not live without? What do I absolutely need to bring with me to Italy? I have already come to the realization that the coat I wanted to take with me is just not going to happen. It is big, fluffy, and conveniently wine colored, which is ideal if I accidently spill a bottle, I mean a little wine on myself, but the damn thing takes up half the suitcase! Obviously I am going to have to choose practicality over fashion, which is not my cup up tea. I need options in my life. What if I get invited to an event, and that coat would be a statement piece??? Sadly I know I am just going to have to suck it up and deal with the fact that it is just not realistic to take a coat for a fictional event that I might get invited to.
Life is all about choices and the decisions that we make given said choices. I know that I have already made some major life altering decisions, and I still have many more big decisions to make in the coming weeks. I still have not even booked a single place to stay in Italy. There has just not been any available time to sit down and look at my options. But I know that I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and get things done as time presents itself, and eventually everything will begin to fall into place. Well, time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking, into the future, and here I am sitting here writing about packing when I should actually be organizing, packing, or planning.
To each and everyone of you readers: Thank you for your support, and I look forward to taking this journey with you all! Oh, and keep your fingers crossed that I can actually fit my life into one suitcase!!!

My cozy apartment in Seoul, South Korea.
My overstuffed coat closet!
Too many shoes!
Packed up boxes that are ready to be shipped to Texas!

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  1. MusicalSeoul says:

    Wow! That’s a ton of clothing! Ha, I’m just moving down the street less than 5 minutes and it seems so intense to pack, but you! Omy word. One suitcase worth!? Your shoes alone are one suitcase. Best of luck finishing packing. Definitely one of the hardest parts about moving.


  2. Nigel says:

    Hahaa I know how you feel. It’s been over 3 years for me that I’ve been on this journey of minimizing. Most done while living in China, Korea, and China again. Even while I was home in Texas over Chinese New Year, I was sorting up until the day before I came back to China. It’s gotten easier the last few years as I’ve dedicated myself to minimalist living and travel. You come to realize what you really need the longer your away. If I didn’t feel intense joy over it. It went away. If it frustrated me in any little way, it went away. You can do it. The things I take with me I want to make me happy not complicate my life.


  3. Helen Lee says:

    Your apartment is the best!


    1. Thanks to you for helping me decorate it!


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